Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination,
and instill a love of learning.

~ Brad Henry

Dear Educator,

Thank you for inspiring your students and for helping us build a financially literate future. Teacher Appreciation Week officially only lasts a week, but our appreciation lasts year-round. However, we didn’t want to miss an official opportunity share our gratitude for all you do. 

Thank you, and have a beautiful week.


The Jump$tart Coalition

PS: We hope you get to dive into summer soon!

Financial Fridays: Young Investors Society prepares students for the Global Stock Pitch Competition in NYC

Friday Five



Young Investors Society is quickly becoming one of the preeminent high school financial literacy programs across the United States. Our mission is to inspire youth to be outstanding investors: investors in companies, investors in their communities, and investors in themselves. Our goal is to give high school students the opportunity to learn life-changing habits to save and invest for retirement at a young age. Young Investors Society is proud to have Edmodo as our founding sponsor, NetDragon, the CFA Institute, the Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy, National Financial Educators Council, Stockpile, and various universities that help us achieve these goals.
Our Program: Young Investors Society operates primarily as an after-school club that teaches financial literacy through stock market programs that emphasize long term, fundamental investing principles.
School Sponsored Clubs: Young Investors Society will teach students to create life-changing habits to save and invest for their future in a fun, collaborative environment. Typically, our programs are run through a school-sponsored club with teacher guided and student-led activities. The club meetings are conducted weekly in 45-minute increments after school or at lunch on high school campus locations. Each local chapter will learn the fundamentals of saving and investing, compete with other YIS students using the MyYIS Portfolio, gain leadership experience and learn many life lessons (e.g. hard work, patience, teamwork)
Personal Finance and Stock Investing Lesson Plans: We’ve created a curriculum written by some of the top investors in the world, complete with 30 turn-key lesson plans that teach many fundamental investing concepts including accounting, finance, ethics, economics, psychology, mathematics, business strategy, and entrepreneurship. Our lessons are comprised of online interactive activities, engaging presentations and curriculum support videos along with peer-led activities focused on financial literacy lessons that emphasize the importance of saving and investing for the future.
Stock Pitch Competition: This competition is the culmination of investment skills gained during the year and provides High School students hands-on mentoring in financial analysis. Students (individually or in teams of two) a publicly traded company to analyze and write a stock pitch report on their chosen company with a “Buy” or “Sell” recommendation. They then present their investment thesis in a 10-minute presentation judged by a panel of industry professionals at the state competition. The winner from each state competition advances to the national competition, where one team emerges as the national champion. Local, state and national competitions occur in April-May every year. The competition rewards long-term, original business analysis, and presentation skills.

This year, the Global Stock Pitch Competition Finals are sponsored by NASDAQ and will be held on May 17, 2019. Event is open to the public.
“Dollar-a-Day” Challenge: Young Investors Society challenges every student to start saving and investing $1 a day starting the day until they retire. We’ve partnered with Fidelity and Stockpile to make investing easy. We help students understand how to open an investment account so they can begin to save and invest for retirement today. This program allows the students to experience the power of compound interest with real money and to create great habits that will help them the rest of their lives. Students can also compete for a donor match by submitting a brief essay. A limited number of YIS students (1 in 5) will receive a grant that matches their contributions dollar for dollar on a quarterly basis up to the number of days in the quarter. This program helps students develop the lifetime habit of saving and investing for retirement as well as to understand the value of long-term decisions.
Community Service:  Members of local Young Investors Societies are encouraged to complete an annual service project and get involved in helping the community around them. This year, our goal is to connect with a national organization so that all YIS students can actively participate in a shared community service project.

We are looking for teachers that are willing to sponsor a YIS club. We’ve seen the impact our programs have had on the lives of many high school students and we need your help to extend our reach.
Young Investors Society has made a strong commitment to help promote our financial literacy programs to teachers and schools. We are looking to build awareness of our programs and expand the reach and distribution of our programs to high schools across the U.S. Register your school at https://yis.org/yiscourse/register-as

Young Investors Society Global Stock Pitch Competition
Come watch students from across the US compete to be named the YIS Global Stock Pitch Champion!
Friday, May 17th, 2019
New York University
Kimmel Center for University Life
60 Washington Square S
New York, NY 10012
Event is open to the public

Christine Tobin                                                                                                              
(805) 479-5292

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Financial Literacy Champion Award

Financial Literacy Champion Award Presented to Wanda Whittemore

wendy rea et all

Springfield, VT: Wendy Rea Co-President of the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition awarded Wanda (JJ) Whittemore the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition Financial Literacy Champion Award at the 2019 Office of the State Treasurer Financial Literacy Awards Ceremony. 

This award is given to an individual to recognize their leadership and outstanding achievements in the effort to advance Financial Literacy of Vermont youth.  Whittemore was nominated by Patricia Reixach, Instructional Coach at Riverside Middle School Springfield Vermont.

Whittemore grew up in Alstead Center, New Hampshire and attended Fall Mountain Regional High School in Langdon, NH. She attended Keene State College, majoring in education and graduated with a BS in Home Economics. Whittemore has been teaching at the Riverside Middle School Springfield Vermont for over 30 years.

When asked about when she first became interested in teaching financial literacy Whittemore said “Home economics now called Family & Consumer Science, always had a financial component, though mostly at the secondary level. In the 1990’s I started to add more and more consumer elements to my curriculum. I developed a game that was very hands-on to encourage a greater depth of learning and then a Canadian company released a commercially made game that was even better.  At the middle school level, students explored careers, monthly budgets, consumer issues and other components that helped them further their knowledge. Additionally, I decided to have students “earn” FACS dollars every class to navigate minimum wage, taxes, savings, and spending. At the end of 3 years, if students saved money they could calculate 10% of their FACS balance. That amount was turned into real money and would be donated to a charity of their choice. The Humane Society was often the #1 selection, though they donated to the Red Cross after the Haiti earthquake, Save the Seas and more. They could also bequeath FACS money to younger siblings. The funds would wait for those students to get to my class.”

Whittemore explained that we are a society that functions with money. She thinks that as a nation we are not as thoughtful about preparing for the future through saving or investing. She said “Some adults struggle with debt and money management. Many students have not considered connections to college and loans. Somewhere students need to learn options to help manage their money.” She attended the Vermont JumpStart Coalition Conferences and last summer the Champlain College Financial Literacy course that ignited her drive to wrap more around the FACS class for middle-level students! Her administrators were extremely supportive in offering a brand-new enrichment course for students. She chose an Entrepreneurship program. Whittemore explained that her students wrote business plans and had the chance to set up a booth with their business products at the community holiday fair in 2018. A few businesses continued filling orders into 2019. They are exploring Farmer’s Markets as a future venue. Since the fair, students have been coming up to her to see if they can sign up for the entrepreneur class next year. High school students have emailed her that they are so glad that they learned about money as they get jobs or open checking/debit accounts. Whittemore thinks that students enjoy learning about real-world finances.

Whittemore said, “I am thankful to the Vermont JumpStart Coalition for this delightful honor and it suggests that both students and colleagues find value in my offering financial literacy at the middle school level.”

To learn more about the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition and the 2019 Financial Literacy Conference on October 28 at the Killington Grand Hotel and Conference Center contact Nancy Zorn at vtjumpstart@comcast.net