Student Video Contest


ABOUT THE CONTEST: This is a contest to create an original video that delivers information about the importance of responsibly managing money. The contest is hosted by the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition, with support provided by the Vermont Access Network and the Vermont State Treasurer’s Office. Front Porch Forum acts as a sponsor.

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO: Fill out the form here to submit your video

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE: Vermont students enrolled in grades 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 of a school or technical career center, or grade 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, or 12 students who are approved for homeschool study as permitted by the rules of home study enrollment.

WHAT IS THE PRIZE: The 1st place prize is $500. The 2nd place prize is $250. The 3rd place prize is $100. Prize levels are the same for an individual student or for student teams that submit as a group. The winning videos will be circulated statewide by Vermont Access Network community media stations. An individual student, or student team, may enter one video submission for judging.

WHAT IS THE VIDEO SUBJECT: The video contest theme is “Save for a Rainy Day.” Participants can choose one or more of the following topics to create a video public service announcement that describes the importance of: 1) Spending and Saving; 2) Investing; 3) Financial Decision Making

WHEN ARE VIDEO ENTRIES DUE: The deadline for student submissions is April 30, 2021. Judges will select and notify the directors of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place entries in April.

WHERE CAN I FIND MORE INFO: below you will find the contest rules, as well as detailed judging guidelines. Email with questions.


  • All entrants’ names may be reprinted or posted by the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition.
  • Videos must be between :30 seconds and 3:00 minutes long.
  • Videos should be presented in a 1080p or 720p .MOV, .MP4, or .AVI formats.
  • Make sure footage is shot horizontally if using a smartphone or similar device.
  • Avoid branding, including obvious product placement or logos.
  • No copywritten music or images may be featured without written permission for use.
  • No illegal, offensive, or obscene content of any kind.
  • Information must be accurate.
  • Winners’ names will be posted and shared publicly.
  • All videos become the property of the Vermont Jump$tart Coalition for distribution and promotion.
  • Contest judges reserve the right to deny any submission deemed inappropriate or outside of the rules, as described above.


  • Video must clearly state the importance of one, or more, of the topical categories:
    • Spending and Saving
    • Investing
    • Financial Decision Making
  • Video will be judged based on:
    • 40% for clarity of message and structure
    • 30% for production value
    • 30% for creativity